7 Steps to Signing your Lease and Moving In


  • 1.  Contact Blue-Line Realty and make an appointment as early as possible.  
  • 2.  All persons listed on the lease must be present to sign the lease.  A copy of the lease agreement is available ahead of time for your review.
  • 3.  Contact all utilities, prepare to have transferred into your name before the lease signing or within 2 days after signing.
  • 4.  We will need a Picture ID for all Adults residing in the home.
  • 5.  All monies paid at initial leas signing must be paid in either Cashier's Check or Money Order, both would be made payable to Blue-Line Realty. 
  • 6.  The keys cannot be issued until all parties have signed the lease and all deposits and rent have been paid in full.
  • 7.  If a family pet, we will need a recent photo along with copies of license and shot records.


Welcome to your New Home ! 

Welcome to Blue-Line Realty's Family of Satisfied Residents.  The following information is designed to answer commonly asked questions and to help you understand what will be expected from you as you maintain and care for your new home.

  • We need to know if you change your phone number or e-mail address as soon as possible.
  • We will need you to have all the required utilities put into your name.


      Office is located at:                        3423 49th Street N, 

                                                              St. Petersburg, FL  33710

      Office Hours:                                  Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

      Mail Us At:                                       PO Box 60328

                                                               St. Petersburg, FL  33784

      Phone:                                            727-320-4478

                                                        (available for emergency after hours)

      E-mail:                                             INFO@Blue-LineRealty.com





Fun and Easy Facts to make your home experience a pleasant one




  • All rent is due on the 1st of each month
  • Checks and money orders are payable to Blue-Line Realty
  • PLEASE NO CASH.  Rent may be paid by personal check, money order or cashiers' check.   Blue-Line Realty will not be responsible for any cash dropped off in our office or in our drop box after hour.
  • A drop box is located at our office for after hour conveniences.  
  • Late fee charges start on the 6th of each month.
  • Please put name, address and phone number on all checks, money orders or cashier's check.




  • Any general maintenance issue that arises, please fill out a request form that can be found on-line at Blue-Line Realty's Web site.
  • A  member of our maintenance crew or contractor will contact you to schedule appropriate time to visit your home to survey and fix the problem.
  • If maintenance issues arise that involve leaking water pipes inside the home, please use discretion and preventive measures containing the water and soaking up the spill.  This is to avoid more damage to the home and prevent any mold or extensive water damage.  This will also allow for a quick and easy fix by the maintenance crew or contractor when they arrive.
  • For the safety of your pet and our maintenance crew, please secure all pets when they arrive so they may enter safely and fix any problems.
  • Refusing to let any contractor or maintenance crew into your home to fix your maintenance issues, when called upon and scheduled, will result in additional charges to you.   




  • An Emergency is considered a Fire, Flood or any hazardous/dangerous condition.
  • An Emergency is NOT:  A/C not cooling, oven not working, problem with the neighbors, toilet is running, toilet is over flowing, faucet is leaking.  Please contact us immediately if these things occur, but know that we do not consider these items to be life or death issues.
  • If an Emergency issue occurs that cannot wait until the next day.  Please call the emergency number listed above.  Do not hesitate to contact local authorities if necessary for fire, theft, property damages, or reasons you feel you are in danger.  If it is an issue that can not wait and a representative from Blue-Line Realty can not be reach.  Please contact a local contractor that can assist and handle the issue.



Guidelines for Care and Usage


Air Conditioning and Heating Unit


  • Change A/C filter every month.  If problem occurs becuase you failed to maintain A/C unit, which includes changing hte filters, you may be held responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement.
  • Do not place furniture against the return vents.  That wil block any airflow and may burn up the A/C unit.
  • If A/C is not working, check the circuit breaker.  If you detect water around the unit (air handler), it is usually because the water is not draining.  The drain line can be unclogged by using a wet vac, also using bleach or vinegar will keep the drain clear.




  • Do not let food, hair, grease, oil or paper down any drains.
  • Do not flush any sanitary napkins, diapers, handy wipes, napkins, paper towels or cigarette butts down the toilets.  (Watch your children, no toys, watches, rings or money either)
  • Unfortunately, clogged drains caused by any of the above listed items will become your financial responsibility.
  • Some dish washers clog due to food left on the dishes.  We strongly recommend that you always rinse your dishes before running through the dish washer.  Again, any clogged drains caused by excessive food, will become your financial responsibility.
  • A wonderful home made drain cleaning and clearing recipe:  1 cup of salt, 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup of vinegar mixed together.  Followed by 8 cups of boiling water.  Also a great preventive if used monthly.
  • Suggestion is to always use drain catchers in all the drains.  Great Safe Guard.
  • Keep a plunger on hand, most homes use the low-flow toilets that save on water consumption but can clog from time to time.


Garbage Disposals


  • Very important, always run the water while using the garbage disposal.  This will keep the disposal from seizing up or clogging up.
  • Only dispose of organic materials (food only) in the garbage disposal, with the exception of the follow food items.  Please avoid at all cost:  banana peels, potatoes peels, artichoke, celery, coffee grinds, bones or flower stems.
  • Never put plastic, glass, aluminum foil, paper products, oil or grease in the garbage disposal. Also be cautious that your silverware has not fallen into the garbage disposal.
  • If the Garbage Disposal is not operating, please check the reset button found under the sink at the button or side of the  disposal.  If this does not work, make sure the switch is off, we also suggest you turn off the circuit breaker and carefully clean out any items inside the disposal.  Make sure the blades that spin at the bottom are not blocked and able to spin.  After you have removed all waste, turn back on the circuit breaker, hit the reset button again and with the water running, turn on the switch.  If this does not resolve the problem, fill out a  Blue-Line Realty Maintenance Request (found on-line).  We will have a maintenance person over to look at it as soon as possible.

Power Outages


  • If the power is out, please check with your neighbors or check your neighborhood to see if it is an area outage.
  • If it is not, please check your circuit breakers to see if they are tripped.  Easily flip them back and forth (On and Off), to see if that will resolve the problem.
  • If none of the above works, please call Duke Energy to verify and discuss, they may have insight into the problem, along with suggestions/solutions.
  • If still no power, please contact Blue-Line Realty.



  • Bleach is best for cleaning mildew that forms around edges of showers, tubs, metal windows and anywhere there is moisture. 


House Plants


  • Place drip pans under all indoor house plants.  This will prevent water run-off and any stains/water damage that may occur.

Smoke Detectors 


  • You are responsible for changing all batteries in all smoke detectors.  We suggest that you do this once a year, and test each smoke detector at the same time.

Lawn and Shrubs


  • Lawns are to be kept mowed and in a neat fashion at all times.  All bushes need to be trimmed, the sidewalks need to be edged and all low reachable branches and dead branches hanging from the trees need to be removed.
  • Please observe all Home Owner Associate (HOA) rules and guidelines.  Be aware of the City ordinances which include watering restrictions.




  • It is your responsibility to keep your home in a clean and sanitary condition
  • Please take out your trash immediately  Place all trash in the trash receptacles.  Please do not leave trash outside your door, this attracts bugs and unwanted animals.
  • Please place all discarded cigarette butts in their proper disposal containers.  NOT on the ground.


 Final Steps for Success


  • Be courteous to your Neighbors.
  • Watch for children playing outside.
  • Obey all Home Owner Association (HOA) rules and/or local and state ordinances
  • Notify Blue-Line Realty of all issues and  problems immediately.   
  • Notify Blue-Line Realty of all suggestions and ideas you may have.



Thank you for renting with us, we are looking forward to a long and successful relationship. 


Your Happiness is our success.