Happy Customers - Successful Results

Erica Malcolm - Osterville, MA

Carol has been my rental property manager since 2006 and I could not be happier. She has done a wonderful job of keeping the tenants happy, making sure all repairs are done in a timely manner and that the rent is always collected on time. She is very easy to get a hold of via phone or email. I live in Massachusetts and my mind is completely at ease knowing she is watching over my property while I am so far away. I would recommend her over and over again!

Sam Andrews - Tucson, AZ

One word:  "GREAT" !

Tracy Timmerman  - Clearwater, FL

I was in the middle of a bitter separation from my husband. I could no longer afford the mortgage and expenses of my big home. I was also having trouble selling my home with a divorce pending. With my future in flux, I meet with Carol and she found a renter for my home. Having that income, I was able to maintain the mortgage through the long process of my divorce. I was going to sell my home, but since it is paying for itself and Carol is managing the property and renters. I will continue to let Carol do her magic. She showed me there is always a solution.

Michelle Smith - Largo, FL

I thought I could do it. A business manager, knowledgeable in contracts; people qualifications and credit/employment verifications. No way…. It cost me more than $900.00 to evict the tenants, not to mention the 4 months lost rent it took me to get them removed from the property. I also had numerous and costly expenses for the damages they had done. I was played; I believe the people I rented to were professional squatters. I also let them know that it was my home…. I was an easy mark. I hired Blue-Line Realty and have never had a problem. Blue-Line Realty rented my home; maintains the property and the tenants. My residuals are deposited into my personal account without question. I also have not made a phone call, inquiry or lifted a finger in over a year. The deposits just appear. I am grateful for finding Carol. 

Cindie P. - St. Petersburg, FL

I was losing my dream home and biggest investment. Not to mention my perfect credit rating. When I meet Carol, I was grasping at hope. She educated me on the process of a short sale; I learned that a short sale is not about being a fast sale, but a smart sale. So I immediately listed my home with Carol, and she found an interested buyer. She handled all the bitter negotiations between my bank, the mortgage company and new buyers. She sold my home and saved my future credit possibilities. I now can buy another home again. Thanks Carol!!!